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Characters of Grand County

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Doc Susie Anderson

train going over Rollins Pass, c. 1920
Rollins Pass, c. 1920

Josephine Bassett

Edward Louis Berthoud

Frank S. Byers

William Newton Byers

Butch Cassidy

Mary Elizabeth Cozens

Mary York Cozens

Sarah (Sadie) Cozens

William Zane (Billy) Cozens Jr

William Zane (Willie) Cozens III

Maggie Crawford

Grenville M. Dodge

Georgia Smith Eslick

Charles Free

Elizabeth Jones Free

Bertha (Bertie) Gaskill

Lewis Gaskill

Granby Hillyer

Alice (Ali) Ish

John Lapsley (Laps) Ish

Susan M. Johnston

Mary Owens Jones

Solomon Jones

Della Just

Belle Stowell Kauffman

Clara Johnston Kauffman

Ezra Kauffman

Sophie Linke

Frank McClaren

David H. Moffat

Frances Moffat

Jacob N. (Jake) Pettingell

Laura Miner Pettingell

Etta Place

Anna Rohracher

Charley Royer

Frank Selak

Leonard Sloss

Preston Smith

Sundance Kid

William Jefferson (Ute Bill) Thompson

Joseph Wescott

Charles W. (Texas Charley) Wilson

Josephine (Josie) Young