Della Just



 Katie Gailey as Della Just   
Katie Gailey as Della Just

born: 1878
died: 1969

Della Just was the daughter of Henry Lehman who homesteaded near Grand Lake. She married Carl Just and homesteaded on land they eventually sold to the YMCA (Snow Mountain Ranch) in 1965. She and Carl had six children, four boys and two girls. When Carl died in 1918 of influenza, Della ran the homestead herself after giving birth to her last child only months before. She drove two hours into Tabernash each Thursday, rain or snow, to sell butter, cream, eggs, buttermilk, cottage cheese, and milk door to door so she could get supplies. She also had to 'ditchride' to check the irrigation ditches which was the water rights Carl had bought. Without water, their 250 acres of hay couldn't produce 220 tons of food for their stock in the winters. Her son, Rudy, lived on their homestead until he died in 1989.