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Dr. Susan Anderson

doc suzie Kathy Ziegler as Doc Susie
Dr. Susan Anderson
Kathy Ziegler as Doc Susie

Dr. Susan (Doc Susie) Anderson arrived in Fraser in 1907, suffering from consumption, and a semi-invalid. She remained in Fraser, practicing medicine, for nearly 50 years.

She was a graduate of University of Michigan, an "authentic lady
physician." She arrived at a time of tremendous growth and change in
Fraser and Tabernash, having to prove herself first in treating an injured horse, before the locals would have her treat their injuries and illnesses.

During the Prohibition, she, like many citizens, was "deputized," to
assist in law enforcement's efforts to uncover hidden stills and stashes
of alcohol.  She was famous for "uncovering six pints of hooch in the
occupied bed of Mrs. George Carch of Fraser."  Mr. Carch received summary trial in county court and was sentenced to 30 days in jail and $300 fine as a result of the efforts.

Her home stands in Fraser, and the Cozens Ranch Museum holds an exhibit of her tools and equipment.

See also: http://www.cogreatwomen.org/anderson.htm

Kathy Ziegler is a librarian by trade.  She also plays Maggie Crawford, Mary Owens Jones, and Mary Elizabeth Cozens.  Kathy is a long-term resident of Grand County and lends authenticity to the GCC with her valuable research.  Kathy's daughters, Katelyn and Heidi, also contribute to the characterizations of younger Grand County pioneers.