David H. Moffat



David H. Moffat

Dave Naples as Moffat

David Halliday Moffat was born in 1839 in Washingtonville, New York.  He came to Denver in 1860 where he opened a bookstore with C.C. Woolworth on 15th and Larimer and started the first trolley line in Denver.   

David Moffat was the president of the First National Bank of Denver, president of Denver Rio Grande Railroad, president of the Denver & Pacific Northwestern R.R. (Moffat Line), treasure of Denver Pacific Railroad, and served on the Denver Water Board.  At one point he owned 100 mines and 6 other railroads. In 1904 the Moffat Line came over the Continental divide at Rollins Pass and, at 11,660 feet, was the highest standard railroad ever build in the United States.  This undertaking was the most daring and arduous railroad building task ever attempted in the United States.

Moffat was a leading business man in Denver and responsible for the development of the Middle Park area by bringing the Moffat Line over the mountains. His life was a testament to the courage, fortitude, and vision that was required to settle the West. 

Dave Naples brings David Moffat to life.  Naples' interest in trains has prepared him well to portray the early railroad tycoon.  Dave came to the Fraser Valley several years back from North Carolina by way of Wyoming.  He is an accomplished musician and a railroad historian.