"Texas" Charley W. Wilson



Dave Naples, as Texas Charley, bites the dust.

Texas Charley Wilson came to Grand County with a hankering to be the next Billy The Kid.  He worked as a ranch hand and occasional stage driver at Cozens Ranch.  Not much is known about Texas Charley except that when he took a notion to be mean, he would terrorize everybody around.  He would shoot at the feet of strangers for fun.  He beat others at will.  He even dared to steal Ute Bill Thompson's favorite shotgun.  Even the local constable was afraid to serve an arrest warrant on the volatile Wilson.

"Persons unknown," who in all likelihood were the upstanding town fathers of Hot Sulphur Springs, shot Charley down in the street with three volleys of gunfire on December 9, 1884.

Dave Naples came to the Fraser Valley several years back from North Carolina by way of Wyoming.  He is an accomplished musician and a railroad historian.